Blood Suckers Slot Machine

Whoever says the word vampire automatically thinks of the many weapons used to fight them. These include crossbows, garlic, the Bible, stakes, axes and holy water. Another essential aspect when talking about vampires, is bats and blood, lots of blood. Not only are the images are delightful in this slot, but the soundtrack also doesn’t leave one indifferent. Although it’s a game, sometimes you really feel you’re living in this gloomy environment.

Principles of the Game

It goes without saying that before starting the game, make a bet first, then click on spin. The automatic function is there for those who hate to do it themselves. Blood Suckers comprises three rows of symbols, five reels and 25 pay lines. If you are looking for all (or at least most) of the special features, Blood Suckers is definitely not the game to choose. The Wild function is available, and as everywhere else in the game, Wild symbols can replace any symbol except for the Scatter function. Wild symbols cannot replace symbols to increase the chances of winning, but they can form winning combinations on their own.

Blood Suckers Netent Paytable

The bonus symbols are a sledgehammer and a bloody bat. Getting at least three symbols automatically triggers the bonus function. You will end up in the burial chamber with a single mission to destroy as many vampires as possible. They sleep peacefully in their coffins and do not understand that you are there. For every vampire you kill, you will get a coin. Only one vampire is murdered at a time because the bonus feature ends once the bats leave the coffin. The bats don’t fly away until the vampire is dead. It must be said that this Pick and Win stage is attractive. To get its prize, the chosen coffin will have to have an “inhabitant” at all costs.

In the world of online games, whether video games or video slots, specific themes are timeless. The Wild West, fairy tales, and vampires have always inspired game and software creators. The NetEnt specialists are no exception to the rule. In 2009, they launched a game that quickly became very popular among gamers: Blood Suckers.

Design and Graphics

Fan of gloomy and bloody atmospheres? You will be well served! We start with the famous Blood Suckers. By all appearances, NetEnt has pleased all players regardless of their preferences. So we have a blond vampire, a bald vampire, a vampire with a cap and a beautiful vampire lady. Since a vampire doesn’t sleep in a bed, we have a fascinating collection of coffins. There are 12 of them. Three of them are open because their owners are active. The other nine are shut because their owners are napping.

Getting at least three Scatter symbols triggers the free game function, and it’s probably the best thing that can happen. In fact, all winnings from free spins are systematically multiplied by three. Knowing that you win 10 free spins and that it is possible to win another 10 free spins during these free spins, it is easy to understand how great the financial payoff will be if you are a little lucky. Just one hitch, if you win free spins during the original 10 free spins, you won’t be able to count on the multiplier by three. But to be fair once is more than enough.

Pros and Cons of Blood Suckers

Pros and cons slot machine

Here’s a piece of information that most, if not all, slot fans would want to read. Blood Suckers has a 98% RTP. That’s one of the highest numbers in slots today. On the list of advantages, the wonderful atmosphere of the game itself cannot be overlooked either. Sometimes games are profitable, but you get bored while playing. With Blood Suckers, this is not the case. The specialists at NetEnt have developed an attractive game. Some games aren’t quite as gloomy, but they’re still interesting because they’re at least hilarious.

Blood Suckers offers only three functions: Wild, Scatter and free spins. Many players won’t appreciate such a limited menu. However, if you find this inconvenience impossible, remember that Blood Suckers can earn you up to 7500 times your bet. The payout multiplier adds adrenaline to the game.

Since its release in 2009, this game has been one of the favourites of all online casino fans. A pleasant atmosphere for fans of the Gothic world and winnings that delight even the most demanding players. What else can you expect from an excellent slot machine?

With Blood Suckers, NetEnt has once again proven that it is one of the best on the market. As a spoiler for those who don’t know it, this game has a sequel. Therefore, if you haven’t tested this game yet, it’s high time to correct your mistake. You won’t regret it.