With an estimated 17.1 million players of Pachinko, it’s a significant part of contemporary Japan’s leisure industry. Interestingly, the pastime was invented before the war and has grown in popularity in Japan ever since, taking the country by storm. However, Japan’s strict rules on gambling changed urged pachinko’s creators to present the Pachinko as a game as opposed to a gambling machine.

To demonstrate the ins and outs of Pachinko, we’ll use fruit machine games throughout this article to express the differences and similarities.

Pachinko vs Slot Machine Game Overview

Slot machine games tend to occupy 3 to 5 reels which display a selection of symbols. The player prompts the reels to spin by clicking the spin button.

Pachinko, on the other hand, combines a pinball and slot machine game into one. Pachinko adds extra oomph for players who have experienced their share of typical slot games on and offline.

How To Play

To play Pachinko in person or online, you must purchase a set of steel balls. The ball count can be adjusted during the online game. These are available at a fixed price, and the value of each varies. Online, the value of the ball is shown in the denomination field. To launch the initial pinball game, you must insert the balls one at a time and press the ‘start’ button. Once you’ve submitted the balls, you can use the lever button to bounce and roll your balls in an array of directions across the board’s ramps, obstacles, and shelves. If the balls are not caught in any of the slot buckets, they’ll fall towards the gaping hole which extracts your balls from the game. During the game, if you launch over 100 balls, you can stop the game by pressing the ‘start’ button.

Several gaming companies offer a variety of slot games that host multiple features and functions to assist the player in winning a return. The premise of most slot games is to match any 3 or more symbols.

The Gamers Focus

The aim of Pachinko is to get the balls to tumble into a range of slot buckets. Alternatively, should the balls roll into different ball bins, the player can reuse the balls to continue playing. Some buckets, primarily in the upper and middle-level bucket, will trigger the slot machine feature of the game. The premise of this section of the game being, in true slot machine form, to match three symbols, which shall win you more balls to play with. When Pachinko deposits balls, you have two choices, you can either continue playing or gain your cash prize.

If, however, your balls are swallowed in the game’s holes, you will need to buy more balls to play again.

Balls vs Credits Value

The balls you play within Pachinko all hold a value which varies depending on the game you choose.

With traditional westernised slot machines, the credits determine the value of your potential winnings. For instance, a credit is often worth a penny, a quarter or more.

Expected Prizes and Winnings

The prizes for Pachinko games vary depending on which establishment you visit. If you’re in Japan and visit a Pachinko parlour, your winning options could range from soft cuddly toys to cigarettes. If, however, you play Pachinko online, the reward will be money!

In comparison physical and online slot machine games exclusively offer money as a prize, or sometimes betting credit to use towards another game online.

Where Can You Play Pachinko and Fruit Machine Games?

If the sound of playing Pachinko piques your interest and you’re eager to combine your love of pinball with the thrill of slot machine gaming, you can access this game online. Physical Pachinko gaming machines are primarily only accessible in Japan, thus the internet is your best bet. When looking for a Pachinko provider online, check the gaming website is reputable, licensed and has easy deposit and withdrawal features.

Fruit machine games are widely accessible at most pubs, restaurants, casinos and so forth across the UK and USA. If venturing outdoors for slot game entertainment saps the fun out of playing the game, there are an assortment of popular slot games online for you to play.

Chances of Winning at Pachinko and Slot Machine Games

Slot machine games are a game of chance with a randomly generated income per spin. Meaning you have no control over what and how much you earn.

However, Pachinko, a hybrid of slot machine and pinball gaming allows an element of control which is satisfying for players. The pinball portion of the Pachinko game is where players hold some power, with the ability to adjust the force and speed of the balls when they are released. If you’ve played pinball, you’ll know the force behind the balls is what can offer you leverage to win greater points. Thus practising hitting the different pinball speeds during Pachinko online might work to your advantage during the game.

Pachinko offers an exciting twist with some pinball action, in opposition to its slot machine counterpart. Being an almost unrecognised game in the western casino world, Pachinko has unique qualities unseen on many casino websites. Whether you choose to play is purely dependant on your preference and interest, but if an electrifying online game with sound effects, animations and the potential to curb your winnings summons your interest, Pachinko is a fantastic game you’re sure to enjoy.